ZAGREB: RAIL4SEE marketing campaign


Within international EU funded project RAIL4SEE, HŽ Passenger Transport is organizing a marketing campaign in Zagreb, from the middle of September, whose goal is to raise citizens’ awareness about public integrated transport advantages and to promote the project.

Campaign will last until October, with the majority of activities happening during the European Mobility Week 2014. Within the campaign, posters will be placed in commuter trains, aiming at railway passengers.

On 13th and 14th of September, an info-kiosk was installed on Zagreb Main Railway Station where citizens were informed about RAIL4SEE project and integrated transport benefits. Also, this info-kiosk will be installed in the city centre on the weekend of 27th and 28th of September. Goal of the campaign is to interest and inform citizens of Zagreb about possible solutions in public transport, and to get information on users’ needs, which will be done by conducting a short survey on info-kiosks. With this marketing campaign, in the course of European Mobility Week, HŽ Passenger Transport is trying to contribute to solving social problems in the area of mobility and sustainable development.

Other promotional activities include posters on stops and stations in Zagreb area, ads in magazines (Croatian Auto-club) aiming at drivers, and activities focused on scientific community as well as decision makers.

The goal of this campaign is to inform public on activities which HŽ Passenger Transport is implementing within the EU funded project RAIL4SEE, to raise awareness about integrated public transport benefits and revitalizing public transport connections in SE Europe.