RAIL4SEE WP Leaders Meeting in Bologna, 16/10/2012

Partners activated their internal and external teams to comply with the technical expertise needs of the AF.

WP3 – Pilot investment actions and policies for long term sustainability
Action 3.1 Mapping ongoing investments: data collection on projects and investments. This consist of an 11 hub report. The methodology for data collection and the questionnaire was prepared and already sent to partner in the past months. 3.1 analysis is aligned with 4.1. The one sum-up report classifying hubs can allow clustering of hubs. This can also give an input to scenarios creation of WP5. The action will not lead to a sophisticated report: it is a mapping to understand the priorities and consistency between projects / plans and policies / investments.

WP4 – Passengers demand / supply and behaviours surveying & modelling
There is the need for a common understanding of the hub and region concepts at NUTS level (what is a region?). There was an agreement on the fact that the single hubs should define the “geographic boundaries” of their specific analyses (e.g. core vs. ring, urban agglomeration, metropolitan area).

WP2 – Communication activities
The Press release, article, newsletter are to be performed within this year 2012.
The Communication plan is to be attached to the report and should to be integrated in order to make a stronger project marketing campaign. Each partner has to find out thematic events to attend to.
Web site is active in external and internal parts. Who is who book is to be completed with the last pictures of partners.
The brochure is ready needed for the distribution during the conference.
The need is to speed up and strengthen all the communication activities. In fact, the general JTS message is to intensify on the communication activities.

Training session
The training session was intended to understand the importance of connecting the high speed (HS) rail traffics with the regional and local passengers traffics, with concrete examples on the new rail and non-rail infrastructures that are going to be finalised in Bologna targeting at this goal.
The High Speed project in Bologna foresees the construction of a new main station (underground and the related rail paths) to be used for long distance trains (Eurostars), allowing spending binaries surface for regional/local traffics only.
The path of the new high speed line crosses the entire Bologna urban area, along the corridor already used by the existing rail line. The total length of the urban section is about 17,8 km, that includes about 7 km on surface and 9,3 km in tunnels (bored and cut-and-cover), including 1,6 km along viaducts.

Study visit
The new Mazzini station has been chosen for the study visit as a major RAIL4SEE contribution (also in terms of visibility and awareness rising) to the Bologna rail system development will be here implemented.